What’s DiVE.tv?

Leveraging the power of diversity for a stronger society

DiVE.tv is an internet media which provides information to help people living in Japan to deepen “understanding about different cultures” and promote communication with each other.

The name “DiVE.tv” is a combination of two words: “diversity” and “dive” (as in “Dive into a different world”).

Through our programs, we aim to create a society where people (in the same community) respect each other and accept them “as they are”. Just as a forest with a greater variety of plant species is richer in wildlife, a society which “embraces the difference” has greater potential and will stay strong and resilient for a sustainable future. This is what we believe.

Diverse creators to be the voice for the minorities

Every day, we are digesting tons of information through different media, including television, newspapers, magazines and websites etc.

However, information regarding international residents in Japan or inbound tourists to Japan is often reported in a one-sided, stereotypical manner. Sometimes, opinions or behaviors of a certain group of people are reported as if they are telling the entire story, creating a distorted impression among the public.

In addition, many international residents in Japan have much less opportunities to express their views in public. They may be “interviewed” by media, but those who “edit” their interviews are usually Japanese. The employment of journalists or editors who grew up in Japan with international background is still low, even in big Japanese media companies.

To improve this situation, we wanted to create a space where culturally minority people can express their views and share them with the rest of world. This is why we started a small media in the form of “civic media”.

We value “openness” to everyone who wishes to participate in our projects and “sense of ownership” through the interviewee-centered approach, which are stipulated in our editorial policy.

DiVE.tv as a media for creating connections between different cultures

DiVE.tv provides information in two directions:

– For mainly Japanese audience, information on multicultural society is available through DIVERSITY and VOICES channels.

– For foreign nationals, information about life in Japan is available through JAPAN LIFE channel.

This two way approach is indispensable to build a “multicultural society”. (*The concept of multicultural society is a place in which people with different cultural background respect each other and work together to build a better society.)

Now, why is building a “multicultural society” so important in Japan today?

It is not just because we need “foreign workers to relieve labor shortages in Japan”. It is also not just because we want to “avoid future exclusion of immigrants” either. But above all, the idea of multicultural society is extremely helpful to “overcome a number of challenges facing our country as the consequence of social intolerance”, such as serious bullying, social withdrawal, abuse, and isolation. Realizing such a society will benefit everyone living in Japan.

Everyone is different and unique.

Just stay who you are.

-This is the message reflected in all the posts available on DiVE.tv.

We will continue to serve as “a bridge between different cultures” and provide valuable information to our audience, hoping you will find joy and excitement, rather than confusion, when you encounter a new culture.


Kanako Makino, Representative, DiVE.tv